A fully fledged e-commerce solution tailored to B2B food distribution to accelerate time-to-market and improve business flow.

Driving Operations and Fostering Growth for the B2B Food Service Industry


Amitech Group delivered a fully fledged eCommerce solution tailored to B2B food distribution aimed to accelerate time-to-market, improve operations, and expand business

The need

The shift in customer behavior and expectations urged food service businesses to reactively go digital over the past few years. To address evolving customer needs, food distribution companies invested in technology to deliver high-performant eCommerce software that would allow for improved user experience, omnichannel capabilities, and personalization. However, massive eCommerce adoption does not always bring tangible results due to ineffective technology choices. On top of it, B2B food service software should contain specific features that are not usually found in general-purpose eCommerce solutions.

The team at Amitech Group recognized an opportunity to deliver a solution tailored to food service businesses to solve niche tasks, while also guaranteeing performance, security, and scalability.

The challenges

Many food service software available on the market usually lacks industry-specific features, such as order list creation, catch-weight item handling, etc. This often leads to unsatisfactory customer experience and high customer churn.

Apart from profound technical skills, it is also crucial to possess deep field expertise while building niche eCommerce software. Development teams do not usually comprise industry experts, though. So collaboration with third-party professionals may add extra 2–3 months to the delivery timeline, which already may take from weeks to even years.

Choosing an inefficient technology stack may cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in spending, bringing little to no ROI.

The user interface of the food service solution

The user interface of the food service solution

The solution

First, Amitech Group analyzed the technologies available on the market to compile a cost-effective yet comprehensive system. Then, the team conducted thorough research on the food service industry to identify essential features required to develop a fully fledged solution.

Using modern frameworks and tools, the engineers delivered a cross-platform progressive web app on Adobe Commerce that seamlessly works across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

The solution consisted of 4 modules improving each stage of B2B eCommerce. The modules help to manage users and permissions, enable quick orders, oversee shipping and payments, perform analytics and content management, customize the user interface, etc. In addition, the solution features niche-specific functionality: order guides for quick reordering, catch-weight item handling to ensure accurate pricing, flexible item ordering (e.g., by the piece, by 10 pieces), automatic order guide creation, etc.

Thanks to a well-designed architecture across multiple platforms, customers can achieve ease of maintenance, faster updates, improved performance, and lower production costs.

The developers at Amitech Group also implemented eCommerce best practices to deliver a consistent, responsive, and intuitive user interface. Built on top of Amazon Web Services, the solution is also scalable and highly available under increasing load.

To enforce security for sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access or cyber attacks, the team enabled role-based access control, data encryption, frequent software patch updates, and network traffic control.

The developers then optimized database queries and used caching, making it possible to process more than 18 million price records simultaneously without experiencing downtime. The engineers implemented bulk data processing to handle large amounts of store items (up to 1,000) and automatically generate order guides.

With Elasticsearch, the engineers enabled quick search across product, inventory, and pricing information.

With REST API, the solution can be easily integrated with popular ERP and CRM systems. By using file exchange and integration with web systems, such as NetSuite, the developers provided a standardized, secure, and automated way of data transmission between systems.

In addition, the team employed data caching using Varnish to ensure system availability in the offline mode for the areas with poor Internet connectivity.

Finally, the engineers enabled native code support to develop custom mobile apps and further publish them on App Store and Google Play, providing an additional revenue stream.

A high-level architecture of the food service solution

The outcome

With the solution developed by Amitech Group, B2B food distribution businesses can build a fully fledged eCommerce store in 3 minutes.

1–8 weeks to go into production

With a complete set of industry-specific functionality and customization tools, companies can easily tailor the solution to their business model and create a unique branded experience for end users.

Enterprise-ready scalability and security

The eCommerce software ensures companies can handle an increasing number of users without downtime or performance issues, as well as adequately protect sensitive data.

>18 million records processed at a time

The system is capable of simultaneously processing large numbers of price records and automated order guide creation in a second.


The white-labeled solution for food service companies to build a fully functional online store in just 3 minutes

1–8 weeks from project start to production

Niche features to solve unique business tasks

Proper security measures to protect sensitive information

High availability and scalability to sustain increasing loads

Seconds to perform mission-critical tasks

Technology Stack


Adobe Commerce, Amazon Web Services

Programming languages

PHP, JavaScript

Frameworks and tools

Adobe PWA-Studio, React JS, Elasticsearch, Tailwind, nginx, Varnish



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