Enable a Flexible Approach to Streamline Your Business Online

Create a unique and visually appealing website, sell products across multiple channels, and easily add new functionality to enhance customer experience

Benefits of headless commerce

Imagine having the flexibility to create a compelling and functional website without spending hours on fixes or experience delays. With a headless eCommerce solution, you can enjoy better customization and development agility

Cost-effective omnichannel experience

Market your products through multiple channels (social media, mobile apps, etc.) without having to invest heavily in building complex integrations

Headless BigCommerce, Shopify, and more

Make it easy to produce content pages with reusable blocks, enable seamless integrations with additional data sources, and improve website performance

Headless storefront

Easily tailor the user experience for each selling channel to meet the specific needs of your audience

Faster time-to-market

Enjoy a range of prebuilt tools and integrations, making it faster to add new features, improving operational efficiency, and reducing development costs

Delivering exceptional personalized experiences

The world of eCommerce is moving fast. The headless eCommerce architecture offers the capabilities to keep up with the pace.

Modular architecture

Faster performance

Customizable UX


Multichannel selling

Improved scalability

Go headless in several steps

Evaluating your current eCommerce system and identifying key components to see if it can support the headless architecture or if there’s a need to develop a new solution.

Build Headless eCommerce website on leading platforms

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What new opportunities can you unleash by going headless?

Amitech Group - Your reliable development agency

Cross-industry expertise to meet your needs

Proven track record of delivering successful eCommerce solutions

Experienced team of eCommerce developers and business analysts

Knowledge of the latest eCommerce trends and technologies

Customer-centric approach focused on delivering results and maximizing ROI

Comprehensive range of eCommerce services

Flexible engagement models to fit your requirements and budget

Commitment to quality, transparency, and timely delivery

Optimization of your eCommerce solution to stay ahead of the curve

Our success stories

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A Web Portal to Automate Manufacturing Tool Distribution for 300+ Partners

A cutting tool producer turned to Amitech Group to build a solution for local distributors to facilitate B2B eCommerce operations, ensuring scalability and high availability.

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