Composable eCommerce Accelerator

Your first platform? Your very last replatforming!

Ride the rising headless eCommerce tide—we’ll fine-tune the right vibe to get you a full-blown B2B or B2C website in hours, not ages

What’s the product about? Think of it as wearing a front-runner's shoes instead of sneakers as you try to lead the competition. Right, it’s all about championing peak timing and flexibility.

15 minutes

Product onboarding

1 day up to 4 weeks

Your website delivery time frame

Near 100%

Mobile and desktop performance

30% richer

Functionality as compared to the competition

Work some hidden tech magic

As a simplicity-first eCommerce website builder, the Accelerator underlies powerful pillars to capitalize on:


To bring eCommerce and tons of content and UX components together

Near-zero code

To skip the engineering torment and focus on sales


To customize UX and storefront, playing with A/B and hypothesis testing

Vendor independence

To decouple from the eCommerce layer and freely switch providers or run on your own

Load resistance

To harness edge locations and support explosive traffic and catalog growth

Cloud nativity

To flawlessly perform in cloud-based SaaS environments

You do you—the Accelerator does the rest

Waltz onto the eCommerce scene like a winner—the market’s richest feature suite will save you the eternity for a mic check.

Drag-and-drop page builder

Construct web pages in line with your brand guidelines, with just off-the-shelf tools magic, and zero engineering.

Dark theme out of the box

Make your website easy on the eye. Kudos to the very first accelerator supporting the dark theme, from day one!

Embedded guided shopping

Convert any webpage, blog, or ad into an efficient sales facility. Build shopping cart buttons directly into your content and admire instant sales skyrocketing.

Feature toggles

Adjust system settings in a tap, turning loads of B2B features on and off as necessary, without non-stop code rebuilding.


Max out your web page speed and UI/UX uniqueness with no hiccups while balancing static and dynamic blocks.

Hang on, there’s more underway...

○ Marketplace support

○ Additional platforms and KPIs

○ Built-in Big Data analytics

○ Agent commission feature

○ AI page builder

○ Even more groovy mobility and personalization!

Test-drive the product on the spot

Unwilling to dive into the tech headfirst? Take it for a spin within the video. Have fun,—we’ve challenged our CEO to build an eCommerce website in 10 minutes.

Hardly Minimal, strictly Viable, 100% Product

Let us configure your companion eCommerce store builder forging business longevity with adaptable headless architecture.

Drag & drop or

Max. files: 3

Max. file size: 10 MB


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