Make online sales anything but boring

eCommerce is forever, yet it should stop being uniform! Lose all the blockers, let your storefront rise and speak its character louder by standing on BigCommerce's shoulders. We’ll give you a lift there

Picture us in the business

Belong with a small or medium business niche? Love it! Amitech Group gets along especially well with firms its size. Spoiler alert: we have something for you to outgrow your league!

Easy setup and maintenance

BigCommerce certified partner

Flexibility and efficiency

3 certified BigCommerce developers


Successful BigCommerce projects


Years of BigCommerce expertise

Make sure BigCommerce is your case

Think BigCommerce is for a niche area? Not even close! No matter what you produce, service, or sell, we bring the platform in as a universal cross-vertical soldier

You’re all about B2B

As you storm into the competition, BigCommerce makes the ongoing struggle a breeze. Within any B2B model, employ bulk pricing and buyer tiers, quoting, discounts,—all under watertight access control

You’re an online business newcomer

Parade onto the online sales land all forearmed. With BigCommerce's low learning curve, you’re unstoppable. Craft a mature storefront with flexible APIs and strong SEO under low TCO and clear rates

You need a digital transformation

Let the trendsetting be you. We underpin your store with BigCommerce—you go digital and feel at home right away. Transition all the physical assets, capitalize on omnichannel, and leave the rivals far behind

You are scaling your business

Swamped with operational load? Hold on to BigCommerce and you’re safe! Integrate, customize, and upgrade like nobody’s watching while nailing the traffic issues, freezing TCO and capital expenditure

Shine! BigCommerce development is on us

Futureproof and composable are now prized above everything, and that’s glorious! We jump at the chance to build you an elegantly adaptable store, leaving the recurrent glacial shifts behind

BigCommerce development services

Outsmart the competition by going headless. From tech audit, brand ID, UI/UX design, and cloud integration to QA, deployment, and data management—you have us

BigCommerce consulting

Got an idea, yet missing the bigger picture? Let’s talk strategy! We’ll help validate the product hypothesis, build a sensible roadmap, and plan the budget in the long run

BigCommerce integrations

Let’s switch your starter kit to all-in-one by deploying ERP, PIM, CRM, or your go-to payment gateways,—whatever’s needed for a dream eCommerce ecosystem

BigCommerce migration services

Return to the market a better you. Delegate replatforming, scaling, data and app transition, infrastructure development, optimization, and upgrades to us

BigCommerce maintenance

Forethinking is king. Ask us to take care of your website uptime, cybersecurity, load time, linkage, pricing and overall content consistency, data backups, and SEO

BigCommerce theme customization

Headless isn’t a timely rage, so shaping up is a must. As you deal with BigCommerce theme development, we have your back fine-tuning the theme to your brand guides

Q&A anyone?

Stuck with replatforming or scaling? We are a BigCommerce website development agency that eats the likes of the challenge for breakfast.

Rejoice in the right tech choice

Serious about going BigCommerce? Jolly good! Let’s recap what makes it just right.

Getting on board will be a walk in the park. Real fast, prefabricated templates help tweak your storefront, refurbish product listings and overall sales

Test our BigCommerce-based smash hit

Think of an ideal eCommerce development accelerator. Though, save a minute—we have it right off the shelf. Check out our branded platform with BigCommerce,, and Qwik under the hood

Amitech Group eCommerce Accelerator

15 minutes

Product onboarded

1 day up

to 4 weeks

Your website delivered

Near 100%

Mobile and desktop performance

30% richer

Functionality vs. the competition

Explosive features

  • Drag-and-drop page builder
  • Dark theme out of the box
  • Feature toggles
  • Embedded guided shopping
  • Microfrontends


More BigCommerce-enabled success stories…

Our eCommerce partners

May our BigCommerce B2B partnerships thrive! We treasure them all, aching to spring into action anytime you need us.

Easy setup and maintenance

BigCommerce certified partner

Flexibility and efficiency

3 certified BigCommerce developers


Successful BigCommerce projects


Years of BigCommerce expertise

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