Make Technology Work for Your Future Growth

At Amitech Group, we help you outline a strategy for eCommerce development based on your needs, timing, and budget

Build products, not features

Prioritize the functionality you will benefit from in the long run and build a cohesive solution you customers will enjoy. We help you to

Choose the right technology stack to address specific needs

Create user-centric designs to engage your target audience

Provide a consistent and omnichannel experience

Organize and manage large amounts of personalized content

Improve performance and achieve scalability as per growing business needs

Enable secure payments and mitigate fraud

Seamlessly integrate your solution with other software

Set up analytics and reporting to measure key metrics

Translate data into insights and outline a roadmap of actionable items

Increase sales and enhance marketing efforts

Build on a platform of choice

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The eCommerce strategy development process

Analyzing your business operations: the existing eCommerce platform, marketing, logistics, etc.


Our success stories

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A Web Portal to Automate Manufacturing Tool Distribution for 300+ Partners

A cutting tool producer turned to Amitech Group to build a solution for local distributors to facilitate B2B eCommerce operations, ensuring scalability and high availability.

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