Build an Agile, Scalable, and Intuitive Online Store

A fully functional and engaging eCommerce solution to digitize your retail business, drive sales, and facilitate growth

Establish a bold online presence

Flexibility and ease of customization

Create a unique online store tailored to your brand and target audience. Pick a design as per your functional needs, providing a seamless customer experience and driving sales.


Your platform expands as you grow, providing automatic upgrades and unlimited bandwidth. Modify product offerings, handle loads, and process orders without sacrificing performance.

Marketing and analytics

Enable e-mail marketing, SEO optimization, social media integration, and in-depth analytics in a single place to market smartly.

Intuitive user experience

No additional effort is needed—manage your fully operational eCommerce website easily and quickly and save time on business development.

Explore Shopify features

Customizable design

Product/inventory management

Versatile payment options

Full-cycle order management

Fraud detection

Extensive app store



Marketing and SEO capabilities

Analytics and reporting

Let’s see what Shopify can bring to your business

Shopify development services we provide

At Amitech Group, we offer methodology and tooling to help you better engage customers, improve brand awareness, and drive loyalty. By optimizing processes and automating manual tasks, you can focus on what matters most—your business growth.

Shopify consulting services

Identify and prioritize business goals, develop a results-driven project roadmap, and make smart technology investments that put you ahead of the competition.

eCommerce project implementation

Enable a seamless project launch all the way through. From UI/UX design and prototyping to Shopify development, integration, testing, and deployment—we’ve got you covered.

Shopify migration services

Make sure all your mission-critical data is seamlessly transmitted to Shopify. Our engineers outline a step-by-step plan to carefully migrate your legacy system without impacting your customers’ experience.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Deliver timely upgrades and resolve technical issues of any complexity. Our maintenance services span an array of tasks: from stability and security to performance optimization—all to ensure your long-term success.

Partner with a reliable eCommerce provider

Amitech Group is a growing technology company that helps deliver scalable, performant, and integrated B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions.

Extensive industry experience

Customer-oriented approach


Agile culture

Powerful eCommerce 

Flexible cooperation options


Our success stories

See our success stories

A Web Portal to Automate Manufacturing Tool Distribution for 300+ Partners

A cutting tool producer turned to Amitech Group to build a solution for local distributors to facilitate B2B eCommerce operations, ensuring scalability and high availability.

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