Evolve B2B eCommerce from Complexity to Simplicity with a Single Platform

Tailored B2B eCommerce solutions built with your customers in mind, designed for your success

  • Content management
  • B2B Marketplace
  • Access control
  • Omnichannel sales
  • Integrations
  • Multibrand management
  • Security
  • eProcurement and ERP
  • Quick orders
  • Self-service B2B portal
  • Flexible payment
  • Analytics, reports and more

Various models, a unique B2B niche approach

Developing a custom B2B eCommerce solution can be a daunting task. Many platforms on the market offer standardized functionality that is expensive and time-consuming to modify.

At Amitech Group, we recognize that each B2B business is unique. We offer platform-based development starting with basic functionality, which we then customize to meet your specific needs


Facilitate ordering with options to manage partial/multiple shipments and custom packaging. Automate inventory management, track the supply chain, and provide tailored pricing.


Handle large product catalogs, add flexible payment options, segment the customer base, add personalization, enable bulk ordering, and sell through multiple channels.


Comply with industry regulations (e.g., HIPAA), secure personal data and online transactions, and set up integrations with ERP or other systems.


Enable product/service configuration to easily customize orders, manage varied pricing models and contracts, and provide a structured knowledge base.

Service-based businesses

Customize service catalogs, process payments and invoicing, secure communication channels, manage customer cases, and track progress.

Clearing your path to success

From optimizing the supply chain to streamlining order management, we unlock your B2B eCommerce growth potential.

B2B Solution Optimization

Automated order processing and real-time status updates

Inventory management with stock updates and alerts

Automated approval processes such as purchase orders, invoices, and payments

Streamlined checkout and order submission

Real-time tracking of order fulfillment from warehouse to delivery

Built-in regulations and industry standards for compliance and security

B2B Solution Administration

Centralized management of workflows and business processes

Customizable purchasing workflows for buyers with varying levels of authority

Segmentation and reporting to better understand customer behavior and preferences

Multicurrency and multilanguage support for global business operations

Custom pricing and payment terms for different customer segments

B2B Solution Customization

Flexible pricing models and volume discounts

Customizable product catalogs and product attributes

Tailored shipping and fulfillment options

Personalized content and messaging

B2B Solution Integration


Marketing tools and social media platforms

Payment gateways

Shipping carriers for real-time rates and management

Logistics providers for inventory management and order fulfillment

Tax calculation software to handle rates across different regions

Integrations with customer service tools

Experience our tailored process for B2B enterprises

We provide end-to-end services that help you focus on business growth and innovation.

Strategic B2B eCommerce planning

  • Aligning Goals: Align with your team to capture and understand your business objectives thoroughly.
  • Market Insights: Deep dive into analyzing your target market’s behaviors and purchasing trends.
  • Market Positioning: Define a standout selling proposition to clearly differentiate in the market.
  • Project Planning: Craft a detailed action plan with explicit timelines for all milestones.
  • Technology Optimization: Select the ideal technology stack to boost your eCommerce effectiveness.
  • Customized Growth Strategy: Deliver a personalized eCommerce strategy that evolves with your business goals.

Advanced B2B solution development

  • Future-Ready Architecture: Design the architecture and plan modules for the next-generation tech solution.
  • Enhanced Security Protocols: Implement cutting-edge protocols to safeguard sensitive data.
  • Efficient System Integration: Optimize business processes with seamless third-party system integration.
  • Universal Design Adaptation: Create solutions that ensure a smooth user experience on any device.
  • Rigorous Quality Assurance: Conduct exhaustive testing to ensure solutions are free from bugs and perform optimally.
  • Expert Training and Support: Provide extensive training and support to empower your team for success.
  • Continuous System Enhancement: Regularly monitor and refine solutions to ensure they stay effective and efficient.

Building on leading eCommerce platforms

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How would a fully customized B2B eCommerce solution impact your bottom line?

Amitech Group is your reliable development partner

Cross-industry expertise to meet your needs

Proven track record of delivering successful B2B eCommerce solutions

Experienced team of eCommerce developers and business analysts

Knowledge of the latest B2B eCommerce trends and technologies

Customer-centric approach focused on delivering results and maximizing ROI

Comprehensive range of B2B eCommerce services

Flexible engagement models to fit your requirements and budget

Commitment to quality, transparency, and timely delivery

Optimization of your B2B eCommerce solution to stay ahead of the curve

Our success stories

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A cutting tool producer turned to Amitech Group to build a solution for local distributors to facilitate B2B eCommerce operations, ensuring scalability and high availability.

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