The customer turned to Amitech to deliver a modern website for cookware distribution to improve customer reach and boost sales.

Transforming the B2C Experience: Building a User-Friendly and Performant Website


The customer turned to Amitech Group to deliver a modern website for cookware distribution to improve customer reach and boost sales

The customer

Based in the US, the customer is a food blogger with 5+ million followers on social media with a focus on developing culinary recipes and promoting healthy eating habits. As part of the business, the customer aims to distribute cookware and help discover reliable kitchen tools for an enhanced cooking experience.

The need

Initially, the customer collaborated with a large cookware manufacturer in South America. Through this partnership, the influencer built a micro website in the existing ecosystem to feature recommended cookware sets. However, the website’s outdated technology stack hindered the customer’s agility to manage third-party integrations and fulfillment operations. Furthermore, the lack of marketing tools prevented from establishing an online presence.

Recognizing an opportunity for transformation, the customer approached Amitech Group, a trusted partner with a proven track record (see our projects: an AI-based food scanning app and a website for organic food distribution). Seeking professional consultancy and Shopify development expertise, the customer aimed to deliver a new website that utilizes modern technology to spin up the business.

The challenges

The website would feature a limited number of cookware items. So it was essential to effectively display to enhance the user journey and maximize sales potential. In addition, it was necessary to optimize the solution for mobile users, as this was a major traffic source.

The solution

Analyzing the requirements, our developers delivered a website on top of the headless technology. After careful consideration and technology analysis, the team opted for the Hydrogen v2 framework, as it provides a flexible and scalable foundation for building an eCommerce platform.

Additionally, Hydrogen enables rapid deployments and easier maintenance thanks to its extensive community support. These features make it a go-to solution for businesses with demanding time to market.

The solution comprised a product catalog, an ordering and checkout system, native payment integration, and the cross-selling/upselling functionality. For inventory updates, order/shipment confirmation, the website was also integrated with the proprietary fulfillment service.

The solution user interface

Considering the unique aspects of the B2C business, the UI/UX experts accommodated the design for multiple audiences based on interests, age, and technical literacy.

The design system was aligned with the brand identity, providing a cohesive visual experience. The team adapted the UI to the limited product range to ensure optimal visibility of all items. For the purpose, the designers introduced and emphasized the homepage showcasing individual products and sets, following a clear and intuitive hierarchy.

The responsive user interface contributed to the improved mobile experience. The team also ensured that product images and details were easily accessible on a single view without navigating multiple pages. To further enhance the UX, the experts also delivered a convenient product detail page structure and implemented a filtering mechanism for easy item selection by preferred options.

To ensure seamless data transition between the website and the fulfillment service, the developers wrote a Node.js script to retrieve data at regular intervals. Then, the engineers converted the data into JSON to easily process it within the system.

For website analytics and tracking, the developers implemented Google Tag Manager. The team also employed asynchronous scripts to load the tool’s logic independently from the main website content, improving overall mobile performance. Finally, the integration with customer service software automated routine tasks, such as review collection, etc.

The outcome

Partnering with Amitech Group, the customer delivered a website based on the modern technology stack in just 2 weeks.

Headless technology

For a seamless project delivery and reduced time-to-market

B2C features to spin up the business

catalog management, ease of ordering, fulfillment tracking, cross-selling/upselling, and analytics

The elaborate and appealing user interface

for enhanced customer journey and maximized sales potential


A fully functional website on top of the headless tech in just 2 weeks

A responsive, intuitive, and well-designed user interface tailored for diverse B2C audiences

Optimizations to improve performance and seamless integrations

Technology Stack


Shopify Advanced

Programming languages


Frameworks and tools

Hydrogen v2, Node.js


JudgeMe, EqualWeb, Google Tag Manager

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